Make Your Villa Look Eye-Catching In 4 Steps

Make Your Villa Look Eye-Catching In 4 Steps


To create a striking look for your villa, consider some important things before hiring a villa interior design company in Dubai. Let’s get started! You may want to add an iconic piece from Italian design from the ’60s, or you may want to leave your windows bare to allow natural light to enter. But be careful: this step is not for the faint-hearted. You can also use shutters or rustic accents to give your villa character.

Adding an iconic piece from the old design of the ’60s:

If you’ve ever been to a villa, you’ll know the aesthetic is often rustic, with a few iconic accents. According to an expert interior designer, adding a piece from the ’60s and ’70s to your home could be a perfect choice.

Leaving your windows bare:

Leaving your windows bare makes your villa brighter and more energy-efficient. It also looks neat and uncluttered. To maximize the effect, you can remove the windows from your dining room doors. You can enjoy a wider view of your villa’s garden and more decorating freedom. But if you’re not comfortable leaving your windows bare, you can opt to use blinds or curtains in their place.

Adding shutters:

Adding shutters to your villa makes it more visually appealing. There are many steps to consider when choosing colors. Before choosing a color for your shutters, walk around your neighborhood to see how other houses have decorated their windows. Consider the homeowners association rules and the style of other houses, and then choose colors that complement those. If you are unsure, keep in mind that colors tend to intensify in the sunlight, so you should choose a lighter shade than the indoors.

Adding rustic accents:

You’ve got a few options when adding rustic accents to your villa. You can add pieces of furniture made of unrefined tree trunks or even a rustic bed frame. This type of furniture can make a room feel warm and inviting and is a great way to add a sense of authenticity. For example, rustic furniture can be used to decorate the kitchen, which is often the center of family activity and the most visited room in the villa. However, you must remember that modern rustic interior design can’t be overly ornate. You can use shiplap, pallets, planks, and wooden wall stickers.